Health and Safety

LIORC has a Health and Safety Policy that applies to directors and officers which requires compliance with applicable legal and regulatory health and safety requirements. LIORC promotes a safe and healthy workplace free violence and harassment. The Health and Safety Policy is complemented by the Discrimination, Harassment and Equal Opportunity Policy which provides a procedure in the event of an incident of discrimination, harassment or violence including who to contact within the Company. 

Workplace flexibility

All LIORC staff has the flexibility to choose to work from home or at the LIORC office. All of the employees are retained on a part-time basis and have flexible work schedules to complete their responsibilities based on their own schedules.

LIORC Health and Safety Policy

LIORC Discrimination, Harassment and Equal Opportunity Policy

Investments in IOC

IOC is controlled and operated by Rio Tinto PLC, one of the largest diversified mining operators in the world. As a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, IOC follows all applicable Rio Tinto health and safety policies and procedures. IOC’s website provides information on IOC’s performance in areas related to social, health, safety and community relations, including its annual Sustainable Development Report.

Please see Rio Tinto’s Health, Safety, Environment & Communications Policy under Health, safety and wellbeing

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