Diversity and Inclusion

LIORC is committed to creating a workplace environment that promotes dignity and respect for all directors and officers of LIORC in which individual differences and the contributions of all members are recognized and valued. At the Board and executive officer levels, the Board believes that highly qualified individuals of diverse backgrounds are important elements in achieving strong corporate performance as well as good governance.

As stated in LIORC’s diversity and inclusion policy, the Board has adopted a target of having at least 30% of the directors be women. Currently, three of seven, or 42.9%, of the members of the Board are women. The Chair of the Audit Committee is also a woman. LIORC has four executive officer positions, one of which (25%) is held by a woman.

LIORC Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Investments in IOC

IOC is controlled and operated by Rio Tinto PLC, one of the largest diversified mining operators in the world. As a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, IOC follows Rio Tinto’s applicable diversity and inclusion policies. IOC’s website provides information on IOC’s commitment to engaging and consulting with Indigenous Peoples who claim and/or assert Indigenous rights and/or other interests in the regions where it operates. IOC is committed to sustainability, diversity and supporting Indigenous Peoples with training, education, employment and business opportunities. IOC’s website also includes information on performance in areas related to social, health, safety, and community relations, including its annual Sustainable Development Report.




Please see Rio Tinto’s Talent, diversity and Inclusion webpage

Please see Rio Tinto’s Inclusion & Diversity Policy

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